Clematis ‘Anastasia Anisimova’

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The variety of Clematis ‘Anastasia Anisimov’» was created by Aleksandr Nikolaevich Volosenko-Valenis in 1958 and in 1961 the variety got its name. It’s considered that Volosenko-Valenis named this variety after the eldest worker of Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The variety was cultivated in the result of crossing Clematis Durandii and a variety of Clematis Candida.


Group: Integrifolia
Group of pruning 3 (hard pruned)
Height 3.2-8.2 ft
Blossoms medium size, with 4-6 prolonged sepals
Color of the blossom whitish- blue
Flowering period From june till september
USDA Zone 4-9

Clematis ‘Anastasia Anisimova’ description

‘Anastasia Anisimova’ – it’s a subshrub with non-clinging tortuous sprouts, length-3.2-8.2 ft. Imparipinnate leaves with 5 blossoms or ternate leaves, the thick ones. Blossoms are forming only on the top part of the sprout, on the third or fifth top nodes so this way they are forming the dichasium. Medium or large size blossoms in diameter of 2.7-3.5 in, thick. There are 4-6 sepals of acuminate-elliptical form, eventually they are recurving outside. The edges of the sepals are pretty pale or purple-blue, the color is saturating close to the tip. There is a light strip at the middle of the sepal. Stamens are light, with the pale-yellow anthers and a bit more vivid connectives.


Planting and caring

Variety «Anastasia Anisimova» is very simple in caring. It grows well at any sunny place, it winters well at Moscow region conditions, under the simplest covering, it also doesn’t suffer from diseases frequently. It belongs to third pruning group, so the sprouts are pruning over the hard buds on the height of 11,8 in (refer to « Pruning of Clematis»). The only thing to pay attention to is tying up of the plant, without tying up it will fall apart and it will grow in breadth.

Feedback and Testimomials

  • Cody, Wyoming region: it grows and winters well, blossoming for a long while, excellent variety.
  • New York: bush of the plant overgrows with sprouts very quickly, it blossoms well, doesn’t cling, tying up is not necessary.
  • North Dacota, near West Fargo: it winters with rose, bush is dense, blossoming is exuberant, there some semi-double blossoms.
  • Somewhere near Mankato, Minnesota: winters perfectly, very delicate color, grows in breadth exceptionally.

If you also have cultivated Clematis «Anastasia Anisimova» please post your feedback in comments to the article.

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