Clematis Anna German

Clematis ‘Anna German’ (‘Blagodat’)

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The clematis variety ‘Anna German’ was created by Maria Fyodorovna Sharonova in the early 70’s (introduced in the Moscow region in 1973) and named in honor of the Polish singer Anna Herman. In literature it may also be referred to as ‘Grace’ (‘Blagodat’) or ‘Anna Herman’ (if we use the Polish pronunciation of the surname). Sharonova obtained this variety as a result of free pollination of clematis ‘Luther Burbank’.

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Group Early-flowering large-flowered clematis
Pruning Group 2 (light pruning)
Height 6.5…8 ft (200…250 cm)
Flowers large, up to 7.87 inches (20 cm) in diameter, flat, with 6 sepals.
Flower Color lavender
Blooming from June to September
Hardiness Zones from 4 to 9


‘Anna Herman’ is a medium-grown large-flowered variety of clematis. The length of shoots is 2…2.5 meters. The shoots can cling to the supports with their leaf petioles and are not badly held on them.

Under Polish conditions, flowering begins in May and lasts until mid-June, and repeated flowering begins in August and can last until the end of September. In colder regions, flowering starts towards the end of June and again lasts until mid to late September.

Flowers are large, 14…20 cm across, flat, with 6 sepals. Sepals are 5…7.5 cm long and 3…3.5 cm wide, elliptical with a pointed tip and wavy. The color is lilac, darker along the margin, the middle of the sepal is light lilac with three shallow grooves. The stamens and pistils are greenish-yellow.

In some photos, mostly European flowers are semi-marginal. Probably such flowers are formed if the plant has enough heat.


Clematis ‘Anna German’ planting and care

‘Anna Herman’ – a healthy, unpretentious and quite winter-hardy variety. It can overwinter in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Montana under the simplest of shelters, and is warm enough to bloom profusely in these locations. In warmer states it may be planted against the north wall of buildings. This clematis clings well to supports with its leaf petioles, so it can be placed near garden trellises. Responsive to fertilizing.

Pruning clematis ‘Anna German’

‘Anna German’ is a clematis of the second pruning group, its main flowering occurs on the shoots of the previous year. This means that you should save the bulk of the current year’s shoots until spring. In the fall, cut off the generative part of all shoots, i.e. the part with flowers on it. The rest of the shoot should be placed on the ground and covered.


  • Rapid-City, South Dakota, : Clematis ‘Blagodat’ also known as ‘Anna German’ was purchased from a rare plant collector in Michigan as one of the hardiest clematis with large flowers. It is indeed still frost free, but in some years its shoots freeze in winter and it grows back from the root.
  • Massachusetts: clematis ‘Anna German’ has a very pretty purple flower color. There are many purple clematis in general, but this one has a very nice shade.

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