Clematis 'Anna Karolina'

Clematis ‘Anna Karolina’

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The clematis variety ‘Anna Karolina’ was created by the famous Polish breeder Stefan Franczak in 1992. Unlike many other Stefan’s brother varieties, this one has survived and been introduced in many countries and regions.


Group Early-flowering large-flowered clematis
Pruning Group 2 (light pruning)
Height 5-7 ft (150-200 cm)
Flowers large, flat, with 8 sepals
Flower Color white
Blooming May-June, reblooming in August-September
Hardiness Zones 4-9


Clematis ‘Anna Karolina’ is relatively low-growing: the shoots are rarely more than 2 meters long. The first, very abundant flowering begins in late April or early May and lasts for about a month. The clematis blooms again in late summer until the end of September. The second flowering is less abundant.

The flowers are large, up to 20 cm across, with 8 sepals. The sepals are white, with a wavy edge and pronounced “paths” in the middle part. The stamens are medium-long with white staminal filaments and dark purple or dark purple anthers.


Clematis ‘Anna Karolina’ planting and сare

Clematis ‘Anna Karolina’ winters well in Michigan and Wisconsin under the simplest of shelters. It can not be called unpretentious, but it is not very capricious. Plants can be planted with any, including northern exposure. Since the variety is easily affected by wilt, it is better to protect the underground part in advance, pouring at planting the stem and bud with a mixture of clean sand and ash. Pruning group is the second, but you can cut shorter. In this case, flowering will be slightly delayed.


  • Utah: Growing the ‘Anna Karolina’ here in Utah has been a delightful experience. Its large blooms stand out in my garden, making it a showstopper each season. Given Utah’s unique climate, I’ve ensured partial shading for the plant, and it has thrived beautifully. Highly recommend this clematis for anyone seeking a hardy and visually striking plant.
  • LA, California: excellent clematis, good blooms every year. Surprisingly, this clematis is very rarely sold in garden centers.
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming: the author of the review states that 2 years out of 4 lost last year’s shoots, after which the clematis regenerated from the root.

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