Atragene group clematis varieties

Clematis varieties of the Atragene group

Until recently, Atragene was a subgenus of the genus Clematis. It included vines with relatively large and fragrant flowers. Nectaries in these clematis are formed in staminodia. However, a few years ago the subgenus Atragene was abolished, and today the former clematis of the genus Atragene are included in the larger genus Clematis. Hybrid varieties obtained from plants of the former subgenus Atragene are included in the Atragene group, and it, in turn, in the group of small-flowered clematis. The lianas of these varieties are generally very unpretentious, winter-hardy and have stunningly beautiful blooms.

Albina Plena

Clematis Albina PlenaA Swedish variety obtained by crossing Clematis faureri and Clematis sibirica. Blooms early, from the end of April to the end of May. Winter-resistant, highly decorative and rather unpretentious variety.

  • Height – 9.8-13.1 feet (3-4 m)
  • Flowers – 2.4…3.1 inches (6…8 cm) in diameter, double-petaled, with white petals and yellow stamens
  • USDA zone – 3-9


Clematis Albiflora Albiflora is an old but rare variety of clematis alpine. It is very winter-hardy and unpretentious, and can grow against a northern wall or in a container. The flowers are characteristic for clematis alpine form, but completely white. The first bloom is abundant, the second bloom is modest but long-lasting.

  • Height: up to 9.8 feet (up to 3 meters)
  • Flowers: small, with long sepals, white in color
  • Blooming: April-May, repeats from August until frost
  • USDA zone: 3-9

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