Clematis Purpurea Plena Elegans

Clematis viticella ‘Purpurea Plena Elegans’

Categories: Viticella group, pink clematis, red clematis varieties, 3 pruning group, winter-hardy The clematis variety ‘Purpurea Plena Elegance’ was obtained by the French breeder Francisco Morel around 1900. It is a classic clematis of the Viticella group and one of the most popular varieties of this group. It is also sold under the names Elegans …

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Clematis viticella AVANT-GARDE

Clematis viticella ‘AVANT-GARDE’ (Evipo033)

Categories: Viticella group, 3 pruning group, red clematis varieties, double-flowered Table of Contents Characteristics Description Photo Planting clematis ‘Asao’ Clematis ‘Asao’ care How to prune Reviews Clematis ‘Avangard’ (correct English spelling ‘AVANT-GARDE’, patent name Evipo033) was obtained by Raymond Evison and German breeder Mogens Olesen in the first half of the 90s. It is a …

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Clematis 'Asao' 2 pruning group

Clematis ‘Asao’

Categories: pink clematis, 2 pruning group, large-flowered Clematis variety ‘Asao’ was obtained in 1977 by Japanese breeder Kasushige Ozawa as a result of crossing the famous varieties ‘Ernest Markham’ and ‘Star of India’. In the early 80’s this clematis was introduced to Great Britain, from where it probably came to the USA. Table of Contents …

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Clematis 'Anna Karolina'

Clematis ‘Anna Karolina’

Categories: white clematis, 2 pruning group, large-flowered The clematis variety ‘Anna Karolina’ was created by the famous Polish breeder Stefan Franczak in 1992. Unlike many other Stefan’s brother varieties, this one has survived and been introduced in many countries and regions. Characteristics Group Early-flowering large-flowered clematis Pruning Group 2 (light pruning) Height 5-7 ft (150-200 …

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Clematis Anna German

Clematis ‘Anna German’ (‘Blagodat’)

Categories: 2 pruning group, purple clematis varieties, winter-hardy, large-flowered, double-flowered, The clematis variety ‘Anna German’ was created by Maria Fyodorovna Sharonova in the early 70’s (introduced in the Moscow region in 1973) and named in honor of the Polish singer Anna Herman. In literature it may also be referred to as ‘Grace’ (‘Blagodat’) or ‘Anna …

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Clematis tangutica Anita

Clematis tangutica ‘Anita’

Categories: white clematis, 3 pruning group, 1 pruning group, winter-hardy The variety Clematis tangutica ‘Anita’ was obtained by crossing Clematis tangutica and one of the forms of Clematis potaninii var. fargesii. It was obtained by breeders of the Dutch nursery ‘Rinus Zvijnenburg Nursery’ in 1988. It is a winter-hardy, unpretentious and abundantly flowering variety. Table …

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Clematis Andromeda

Clematis ‘Andromeda’

Categories: White clematis, pink clematis, 2 pruning group, large-flowered, double-flowered The ‘Andromeda’ clematis variety was obtained in Great Britain in 1987. It was obtained by the breeder Ken Pyne, having grown seeds from free pollination of clematis ‘General Sikorsky’. In 1989 the seedling bloomed for the first time, and in 1994 the variety was introduced …

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Clematis Allanah

Clematis ‘Allanah’

Categories: Large-flowered, 2 pruning group,3 pruning group, red clematis varieties The clematis variety ‘Allanah’ was obtained in New Zealand in 1968 – or rather not even obtained, but discovered. A certain A. Edwards found an unusual clematis among seedlings. Further it somehow got to the famous clematis breeder Jim Fisk, who introduced it in Great …

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