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Clematis Mazury

Specifications Group Late Large-flowered clematis Pruning 3 (Hard prune) Height 2,5…3 metres (7…9 ft) Flowers large, 5 up to 6 1/2 inches (13…17 cm) Flower coloring Blue with a lilac shade Blooming June – Septermber USDA Zones 4-9 Photo Gallery

Sturt’s desert pea (Swainsona formosa)

South Australia’s official floral emblem was named for Charles Sturt, a most determined explorer who headed three important expeditions into Australia’s arid interior in the mid 1800’s. A prostrate, creeping plant celebrated for its striking blood red flowers. The flowers have prominent bumps in the middle which are usually black, but sometimes red and rarely …

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Drought Tolerant Trees For Modesto CA: Crabapple Trees

Crabapple Blooms The Malus floribunda or commonly called crabapple tree can be planted in full sun or in partial shade. This tree grows naturally to 20-25 feet tall. The crabapple tree is drought tolerant (like crepe myrtle tree or even more) and does well in the hot Modesto summers. Some crabapples are used as rootstocks …

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Common Name: Chigger Scientific Name: Trombicula alfreddugesi (Oudemans) Other Known Names: Jigger, Red Bug For its size the chigger packs a huge punch of torment to man. The tiny chigger dwells in low damp areas of berry patches, orchards, woods, along streams, and lakes. I don’t recommend sitting in your lawn during chigger season or …

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