Allium Flowers: What Are They?

Allium flowers are a unique type of flower, one that even some experienced gardeners are unfamiliar with. The allium flowers are actually considered to be in the onion family, although initially scientists had them categorized in the same family as lilies. They came to found out that it was in fact the onion family to which the allium flowers belonged, even though they do not look or smell anything like onions.

These flowering bulbs are actually stunning and the summer bulbs make the allium flower one of the most unique types of flowers in the world. The flowers bloom in colors of white, yellow, blue and purple. Although they can vary in how tall they grow, the average allium flower gets to be between 5 and 150cm. These flowers have strappy leaves and straight tubular flower stalks.

The flowers are actually used for medicinal and religious purposes by some people, mainly in the country of Peru.

Growing alliums is quite simple. You need to ensure the soil is rich and well-drained. Alliums need full sun to grow and they require excellent drainage to stay healthy. It is best to plant the new bulbs in the fall and always divide crowded clumps after they are done flowering. You can divide chives in the spring or fall for the best results. They do not repeat bloom but you can dry the seed heads and use them in cutflower arrangements.

Allium flowers

Alliums make a beautiful addition to any garden. Do keep in mind that they can be poisonous to pets so it is best to keep them near the back of your garden. Most animals know enough to stay away from alliums to avoid being poisoned, but this is just in case they feel like taking a nibble.

If you want to grow alliums, make sure the growing conditions are all correct before getting started. Everything needs to be precise when growing alliums and if you just want to buy an allium plant, you may need to check at a few different stores before you find one. Alliums are still considered as being quite rare so often only specialty flower shops carry them.

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