Begonias semperflorens

I grow Begonias semperflorens for their attractive flowers and foliage. If you grow Begonias indoors they should be moved to a partly sunny location outdoors during the summer months. Begonias flower all summer long, up to the first frost. Begonias will not spread out of bounds and are ideal for small flowerbeds. Begonias look great when used in large plantings. I have had wonderful success growing them in containers also.

Semperflorens are probably the most common of all begonias. The semperflorens group of Begonias are mostly grown for outdoor bedding plants. Except for the hardy begonia, which was developed in Germany, begonias don’t tolerate cold temperatures. In most cases people grow begonias as annuals or dig them up in the fall, store in a shed and replant in the spring. Gardeners that are interested in having begonias year round can grow them in pots indoors all year. Fertilizer should be used lightly on Begonias, they are not “heavy feeders.”

Begonias are a very hardy plant. In general, begonias require a well-drained soil that is moist, but not constantly wet, they should not be allowed to dry out completely. Tuberous begonias usually go dormant for a period of time, the tubers can be stored in a cool and dry place during their dormancy. Begonias are easily propagated by dividing them or from stem cuttings. Begonias semperflorens are used a great deal in the commercial gardening as an annual flower.

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