Building Your Own Storage Shed

Many storage shed plans are published in both house and garden magazines and in books specifically about storage and garden sheds. These publications are usually available in the book and magazine stand at your home and garden store or the library. Some of these garden shed plans could put the Taj Mahal to shame, or pretty close, anyway. Lighting, running water, skylights, potting tables, built-in storage and cabinets, the list goes on. Some are almost as complicated as the house on the front part of the property, and require the same building methods. Even the free shed plans run from simple to quite complicated.

Once you have seen enough of the garden shed plans and associated costs to decide what is really necessary and economically feasible, it is time to look at prefabricated sheds and out buildings. One may fulfill your needs and using a prefabricated building will save you a lot of money, time and hassle. You or the seller haul it to the site and set it up. These buildings are generally constructed to last at least a couple of decades, so the cost per year is actually reasonable.

Storage shed

If none of the prefabricated sheds will solve your storage needs, you are back to building one. If it is permitted by your deed, zoning and neighborhood association, the easiest form of garden shed is the lean to shed. Lean to shed plans utilize an expanse of an existing building as one wall, saving money and effort. The only downside may be the rot the enclosed shed mat encourage on that wall. You must realize that the wall will have to be painted or whatever when the shed is removed, as the shed section will be a different color from the rest by then.

For a separate building, the same restrictions, planning and building permits are needed as to build a house. Garden shed plans usually have a list of construction materials included, so once you have permission and permits, you know what to buy and can begin building the shed. The usual construction problems and compromises will occur, but eventually you should have the shed completed.

Breath a sigh of relief. Have a celebratory beer or two, and a soak in the hot tub. You deserve it. Tomorrow you can move into your new storage shed.

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