Drought Tolerant Trees For Modesto CA: Crabapple Trees

Drought Tolerant Trees For Modesto CA: Crabapple Trees

Crabapple Blooms

The Malus floribunda or commonly called crabapple tree can be planted in full sun or in partial shade. This tree grows naturally to 20-25 feet tall.

The crabapple tree is drought tolerant (like crepe myrtle tree or even more) and does well in the hot Modesto summers. Some crabapples are used as rootstocks for domestic apples to add beneficial characteristics, but for the most part here in Modesto they are used for ornamental trees in the landscape. They are grown for their fruit and beautiful flowers. But don’t eat the fruit it is very sour and in some cases has a woody texture.

Crappable tree

Crabapple Fruit

The crabapple tree is grown in planting zones 2-11. It is a deciduous tree. In the spring the crabapple produces tons of deep pink buds that open to fragrant white flowers.

Common Problems Of Crabapple Trees

The hybrid varieties are resistant to the four major diseases that occur in crabapples.

Cedar Apple Rust creates rust spots on the foliage and, can sometimes stunt the tree. Cedar apple rust is more of a problem in locations where there are native cedars and junipers. Fireblight causes significant damage to the tree. The stems will blacken and the leaves will decline. Trim out any dead wood in the late summer and fall to prevent any carry over of Fireblight to the next spring.

Mildew is a problem in locations where air circulation is poor. Scab causes the foliage to turn yellow and drop. The fruit will have brown or black spots.

In short using a crabapple tree in your landscaping can be a great choice of a drought tolerant tree in Modesto CA. They have lots of color and attract butterflies and bees in the spring.

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