Finding a Stump Grinder Rental

You may employ a landscaping service or you may rent a stump grinder to get rid off a tree stump from your lawn. It would be a more sensible option to employ a landscaping service for those who have a few tree stumps. It would be less expensive to have a stump grinder rental if you are able to divide the rental expense with your neighbors who also need tree removal. Below is the process of getting an auger rental:

Make use of the online Rental Association listing to find stores close to your location which will let you rent stump grinders. Key in your city or zip code in the “Find a Store” tab. Stores would not be classified by rental type.

Find stores which rent power tools and landscape equipment. Seek advice from the Better Business Bureau to guarantee that the dealers are in great position without any issues on file. Also, you may call on home improvement facilities for example Home Depot which rent tools. Inquire about delivery charges to transport the stump grinder to your home because the equipment is quite large. Determine whether goggles or ear protection is provided.

Select the best type of stump grinder. There are different models which consist of walk-behind, self-propelled and tracked grinders. A few are meant for tough landscapes while others are for landscaped lawns. A great rental agent can help you look for an appropriate model.

Set up the rental conditions and pay the down payment. You have to be sure you understand when the stump grinder is going to be delivered and picked up, what maintenance and cleanup you will have to carry out and any liability expenses in case there is damage.

Keep in mind to always use a stump grinder with ear protection and goggles to prevent getting chips in your eyes and to protect your ears from the loud sound.

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