How to Build an Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

If you are at all handy with a hammer and nail, and you have some basic tools on hand, you may find that it is fairly easy to erect a wooden playhouse for your child. Once built, it will be guaranteed to provide your child with many hours of fun and highly stimulating play, which is extremely beneficial for children of all ages.

It is possible to find quite a few plans online, many of them available free of charge. Some plans are more complex than others, but with the wide selection available it should be a fairly simple matter to go through the different options and find one that you feel comfortable about building.

Wooden playhouse

In order to construct an outdoor wooden playhouse you will need the basic tools including a power drill and bits, a saw, a hammer, measuring tape, spirit level, carpenter’s square, string, and a bevel. You should first decide exactly where to place it. It is suggested that you choose a spot that offers some shade, and that has plenty of space around it that can be used as extra play area. You also may need to check local building regulations to ensure that it is permissible for you to build a structure such as this in your yard. Some structures are made to be more permanent, and they include flooring or at least the main posts are secured in the ground. Other people prefer to construct one that can be moved around more easily, thus they do not have flooring.

Once you have your plan you simply proceed according to instructions. Collect your tools and buy any materials needed for building, such as timber and roofing. As with a regular house, you start from the bottom and build up. It can be a wonderfully rewarding and very fun project to build a cottage outdoor play houses for your children, and once it is up you will find they spend hours playing contentedly in it.

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