How to Plan For Success With Orchid Care

The orchid family is a truly beautiful range of plants. There are many wonderful different orchid types available to grow as pot-plants or in the garden, depending on where you live and your local weather conditions. For many years orchids were seen as problematic in terms of their care but as knowledge of the plants has increased so too has their popularity. You too can easily have success with orchids if you work to a plan.

Find out what exact type of orchid plant you have. This is crucial as the care required for orchids differs greatly between the many different orchid types. Once you know the plant you have, you can then do a little reading to find out the best conditions it needs to thrive. Each major type of orchid will have different needs, some like it hot – some not. Some like dry – some wet. The point is that you need to try to replicate the ideal conditions for your particular variety of orchid.

Where most people fail with growing orchids is by treating them just like your average house plant, with no thought as to what they might need. It need not be difficult to learn how to provide good orchid care and maintenance, but it does require a little more work than your average plant.

If you are new to growing orchids you should be sure and buy a variety that is not too specific in it’s needs. Cymbidium orchids are a great variety for beginners, they can tolerate a wider range of conditions than most and give you a chance to learn without killing them almost instantly! Moth orchids or to give them their proper title – Phalaenopsis orchids are another good choice to get started. If you start with one of the easier types of orchid your chances of success will be greater. Learn from them and take your new found skills forward to the more exotic varieties.

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