Lawn Edging Ideas- Creative Touches For Your Landscape

Often when we see gardens, we notice that weeds and flowers are overflowing and growing onto the driveways and paths. Lack of proper edging is the reason behind this mess. Adding edging to your lawns holds a lot of benefits. Edging can be both inconspicuous and decorative. It can highlight particular plants, frame a landscape or define lines between a garden and the surrounding area. Edging is highly useful when you want to give shape and structure to your landscape and also reduces the weeding and mowing time you have to put in. Edging can be used to define or accent several landscape areas such as walkways, beds, borders etc.

Lawn edging ideas involve using different materials for edging purposes as it will add color to your garden and make it a riveting picture. Some of the options in terms of material are listed below:

Concrete Landscaping Edging

For separating lawns and flowerbeds, concrete edging has been used for a long time. Even an untrained individual or a person who has minimal training can put concrete to use as it is very versatile and can be put in shape easily. Edging in any color is even possible because there are a wide range of different mixes available. The concrete edging looks remarkable and will not degrade and if properly installed will stay in place for a long time. It is a durable, cost effective solution. You can even paint it with acrylic or cement colors. However, this form of edging is usually only suitable for large gardens because the minimum width of concrete is 4 inches. Concrete edging can also be made with curves but this requires skills and may be too complicated if you haven’t dealt with concrete before.

Brick Lawn Edging

A substitute for concrete edging material is making use of preformed concrete bricks. These bricks come in a uniform shape as well as size and are made in molds. It is also possible to interlock them as they are made under pressure and therefore have a lot of tensile stress. Being skilled is not necessary when it comes to placing or installing the bricks. Bricks come in many different styles and colors, so you can make your yard look as unique as you want.

You can even select your own design if you buy bricks in bulk. But maintaining this custom design is difficult. You won’t be able to change a line of bricks or a broken brick unless they have them in stock. Even then a changed brick will stand out as the color of the bricks fade from weathering and other factors.

Wooden Edging

For the purpose of fencing, wood has been used for long time and therefore it was to be expected that wooden edging would be in vogue too. If you do not want the line between the lawn and the border to be very distinct or if you wish to create a rustic appeal, using wooden fencing is ideal. Smaller pieces of wood can be used for wood edging and can be painted as per your wish. The main problem with wood is that if it isn’t properly treated it can easily fade, discolor, and rot. Make sure that you buy treated wood to use as your landscaping edging or you’ll be replacing your edging every year!

Steel Lawn Edging

If made of steel, edging can last for a long time and can also be made colorful. Furthermore, very little maintenance is required by steel and people can use steel bands for edging which is highly effective. Edging material can also be made from other metals, painted steel of stainless steel but the most popularly used option is stainless steel. Using painted metal or steel is also a useful option as it has a long life and does not have to be painted with regularity. Professional gardeners prefer using metal edging as it can be fixed up easily and look good. Where water retention is a problem, metal edging is suitable as it retains water easily.

Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic edging also has a long life and can be installed easily. It is also reasonably priced, making it a bestseller in many home improvement stores. If you buy the right materials, they will look great for years to come and you won’t need to spend hours installing it. Here are a few of my top recommendations for great plastic edging.

Apart from using these lawn edging ideas, you can also use raised flowerbeds, plants, grass, and stones to border your lawn. All of them can give a proper shape to your lawn and give each area its own identity.
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