Which Type of Swimming Pool Pump Should I Buy?

The care and maintenance of a swimming pool is a huge responsibility. Learning how to check the chlorine, balance the PH and keep it clean can be hard work but having the right pool equipment will make the job a little easier. It is important to have a good filtration system for the swimming pool and swimming pool pumps in particular are essential in keeping the water fresh and clean. Without them, the pool would become dirty rather quickly and unwanted particles would build up within days.

Role of The Pool Pump

The swimming pool pump has an important job – to keep the water clean and the bacteria levels to a minimum. The debris(leaves, bugs, branches, etc.) gets trapped inside a large filter basket and the clean water passes through. The cleaner water then makes one final stop through the filter to get rid of any smaller debris the pool pump may have missed. Finally, the swimming pool pump takes the clean water and pumps it back into the pool.

Role of The Pool Pump

Types of Swimming Pool Pumps

There are both in-ground and above ground pumps for pools all of which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, speeds, and power levels. However when it comes down to it there are essentially three main types to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pool pumps are the most popular on the market today. Because of their permanent magnetic motors and their ability to change speeds, they are considered to be the most energy efficient pool pump. It is typically more economical to run the pool pump at a low speed throughout the day while the pool is not in use than at higher speeds on and off. It is said that variable pool pumps have helped lower pool related energy bills by up to 75%.

Two Speed Pumps

Two Speed Pool Pump

The two speed pool pump is also considered to be energy efficient though do not offer as much flexibility. Depending on how and when you use your pool, you can adjust the setting from low to high speed. The higher speed is generally used for high traffic pools with consistent use or pools that have water jets. The lower speed is used solely for filtration and when the pool is not being used. If you only use your pool once in a while the lower speed will work just fine. This type of pool pump can also save you some money on your energy bill since the pump can be adjusted accordingly.

Single Speed Pumps

Single speed pumps are used in pools that are constantly in use. These pumps can get rid of unclean water in one cycle and leave water fresh and clean. Because these pumps use so much power to clean however, they use more energy than the other types of pool pumps.

In summary, finding the right pool pump really depends on the type of pool you own and how often it will be used. If in doubt however, you can seldom go wrong with a decent variable speed pool pump.

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